No traffic holdup

Accurate data collection at up to a speed of 90 km/h


Sends data to RoadGaugeAI securely

Ease of access

Controlled through a mobile phone or tablet

Cost effective

100x cheaper than laser scanners

How to RoadScape3D?

The system has two units. The external rear-mounted unit has all sensors; it is mounted through an adaptable frame system supplied with the scanner. The second box is kept inside the vehicle (or closer to the rider on a trike or a mobility scooter).

The companion client app on your mobile device helps visualise and manage projects and informs the user of the health of the imaging box, like the charge level of its battery.


Single person operation

RoadScape3D requires only a single person in the vehicle



No more yearly maintenance and calibrations for your scanning hardware!


Vehicle agnostic

Compatible with cars, vans, trikes, and even mobility scooters