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Why choose us

Key Features

Own your hardware

Pay once for a GoPro or our Skan3D. Keep forever. Reduce inspection capital expenses by 1000x. Never, ever rent a laser scanner again.

Auto detect and measure road characteristics

Just upload a video. Get a 3D reconstructed road with sectional profiles with defects measured and geotagged.

Identify safety hazards

From a front facing video, identify potential safety hazards on the road and around it.

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Inspect with GoPro

Mount a down facing camera on a hatchback. Drive at 35 kmph.


Inspect with Skan3D

Or, use our specialised hardware. Drive at highway speeds.


Insights with RoadGauge AI

Upload your video. That's it. We do the rest.

  • Flexible Conduct surveys without specialised vehicles. Mount on vans, estate wagons, SUVs, or utility vehicles.
  • Cost-effective Begin surveying with low capital expenditure options, starting at $750 for a GoPro system.
  • Own the process Your hardware, your schedule, your data. Pay once, own forever.* Bid farewell to renting and external constraints.
  • Customise outputs Receive survey results in various formats like PDF, KML, GPX, and CSV.
  • Fast delivery Standard turnaround time from data to insights is one day, with two weeks for complex projects.
  • Transparent pricing Pay only for surveyed kilometres, avoiding long-term commitments.
  • Free trials and support Explore RoadGauge with no-strings-attached free trials and benefit from local technical support.