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Who are we?

RoadGauge Ltd is a British company with operations in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Australasia. Our rapidly expanding network of partners now spans multiple countries in Europe and South America. We build hardware and software to inspect all kinds of pavement surfaces, including highways, local roads, cycle tracks and footways. We also offer custom solutions for road asset quality assessments and highway safety inspections.


RoadGauge technology 

Cost-effective and accessible 3D road profiling: Unlike expensive laser scanners, RoadGaugeAI utilises innovative algorithms to reconstruct highly accurate 3D road profiles from standard camera footage. This translates to significant cost savings, with user-owned and operated hardware costing a fraction of laser scanner alternatives.

Synchronised distress detection and measurement: The same road images used for 3D reconstruction feed our AI-powered distress detection system. This “image constancy” ensures perfect synchronisation between detected defects and dimensional measurements, leading to robust and reliable survey outcomes.

Secure and scalable cloud processing. All data processing occurs in the secure and reliable Google Cloud environment, guaranteeing 24/7 accessibility, security and scalability for your needs.

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